Reviews: TV and Movies

On occasion I go a bit crazy about writing TV/movie reviews, so as they occur I thought I might share the links to my reviews. I’ll try to keep everything up to date, but don’t kill me if I fall behind.

What I watch: action, adventure, biopics, comedy, fantasy, historical, rude humor, sci-fi… basically anything really. If it looks cool and I think I’ll enjoy it, I’m on it.


Absolutely Fabulous — British TV. funny, dark humor following Edina, Patsy, & Saffy.

A Frozen Flower — Korean movie. historical m/m with some m/f.

Coffee House — Korean drama series.

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy — cartoon. kids.

I Saw the Devil — Korean movie. action. horror.

The Man From Nowhere — Korean movie. action. Truly great movie.

Pandorum — sci-fi/horror movie. gritty and undeniably awesome.

The Painter of the Wind — Korean drama series.

Portrait of a Beauty — historical Korean movie. Basically the same story as “The Painter of the Wind,” but with a lot more sex, and a lot less heart.

Real Steel — sci-fi/action movie. Feel-good family with Rock-’em Sock-’em robots appeal.

Returner — Japanese movie. sci-fi

Your Highness — fantasy, comedy movie. Warning: rude humor and hilarity.

Sometimes I don’t write actual reviews of movies and television shows, yet I feel a desperate need to share my opinion.

Re: Bachelors Vegetable Store — Korean drama show. Dude really likes vegetables, starts a store.

Re: Con-Air — action movie. Convicts hijack a plane.

Re: The Monster — Chinese horror movie.

Re: Season of the Witch — fantasy, historical, action, adventure. Supposedly during the middle-ages, there’s a witch and a lot of swords slashing horror creatures to pieces.

Re: Untraceable — thriller. Diane Lane kicks ass. ‘Nough said.


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