Title: Vedran’s Hand
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: fantasy
Summary: A duel to the death is to take place between two unbeaten champions. The Emperor’s Hand, the man known only as Dragon Knight, has been tasked with giving out eighteen gold seals to men and women of his choice, allowing them to witness the legendary battle between Hezzero and Nasbeth. Everyone wants an invite, and they are willing to do whatever they have to in order to get one.
Meanwhile, machinations are going on behind the scenes and someone is planning for a new Emperor to be crowned. All they need is the death of Emperor Vedran Malvorta.

This novel will be posted online at my Livejournal. Updates will take place on Mondays.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three



Dragon Knight–the Emperor’s Hand. At 12 years old he binds himself in service to the then 16 year old Crown Prince Vedran Malvorta. An orphan of good birth, he gives up his family name and becomes the Empire’s sharpest blade. His love for Vedran is the driving force of his life and there is no one he won’t kill and nothing he won’t do for Vedran.
Through great daring and risk to his soul, he wields the demon sword Silva Morta. It must taste lifeblood each time it is drawn or he will lose control of it and he will be the one wielded.

Emperor Vedran Malvorta–son of an aging tyrannical madman, as a child he watched as war broke out around him as loyalists executed his father and put him on the throne. Bearing the mental stain left behind by the things he’s witnessed, he has vowed that his rule will be just and fair and that he will win the love of his people. To that end, he has angered his Imperial Advisors by using funds from the Imperial Treasury to pay for public works, but he is firm in his desire to ensure his country’s prosperity.

Kameris Teloran–childhood friend of Vedran and Dragon Knight. He is loyal to the core.

Princess Emera Malvorta–the Emperor’s younger sister, she is a sweet and trusting girl. She has no memories of her parents and Vedran is the only family she has ever known. He has been more father than brother to her, and she is certain he won’t mind the feelings she’s developed for Dragon Knight. What brother wouldn’t want his sister and his best friend to fall in love with each other?

Empress Selesta Demarran Malvorta–mother to the Crown Prince, she was raised above the other Imperial wives. Born of the politically powerful Demarran family, she will do anything to ensure her son’s ascension to the throne.

Crown Prince Lulius Demarran Malvorta–Emperor Vedran’s oldest child and heir to the throne. He is a rather quiet boy that would do anything to make his father proud.


One thought on “VEDRAN’S HAND

  1. Ooh, you’re going to update Vedran’s Hand?! Awesome! I’ve been waiting on that for a while. Any chance you can link it back here once you do post updates?

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