Sometimes I like to throw story excerpts in with a bunch of babble. This not only confuses all the people checking out my blog, but it also makes it hard for me to figure out what exactly I have happening here — I admit that I am incredibly disorganized.

As such, I felt that it would do myself and my fans good if I listed all the Easter eggs here. So enjoy…

Story excerpts

Harper Kingsley

THE BRAND–mm science fiction/fantasy. Summary: Lovely Splendour¬† is a Royal Concubine belonging to King Sanguis Darling … who has just been overthrown. Now Pen has become the property of Duke Wrathful Fury, faithful subject of the Emperor of the West, Glorious Brilliance.
Branded with the Duke’s mark, Pen is his to do with as he will, and Wrathful Fury is passionate in his pursuit of his concubine’s heart.
The Brand — excerpt from Chapter One. sci-fi. fantasy. mm. WIP.
The Brand — excerpt from Chapter Two. sci-fi. fantasy. mm. WIP.

HEROES & VILLAINS–science fiction/fantasy. superheroes. mm. romance. series. Summary: Set in a world where metahumans are fairly common, Vereint has been gifted with extraordinary power. Unfortunately, with great power does not come great popularity. Not until the good boy goes bad… then the wannabes pop out of the woodwork and bring terror to the world at large in his name (“AS DARKSTAR WILLS THE DARKSTERS FOLLOW.”)
Heroes & Villains 1: Heroes & Villains — excerpt from Chapter Nine. sci-fi. superhero. gay characters. COMPLETE.
Heroes & Villains 2: Allies & Enemies — excerpt from Chapter One. sci-fi. superhero. violence. gay characters. WIP.

THE PANIC PURE-thriller. contemporary. mm. romance. Summary: Marshal is an FBI agent. Daniel is a very rich, very anxious man plagued with memories of a terrible childhood. When their lives converge, one will do anything to see them end up together, while the other has never even thought about having a love of his own. A quiet, yet passionate love develops between these two very different men; meanwhile a dangerous serial killer catches sight of his newest victim… Daniel.
The Panic Pure — excerpt from Prologue. WIP

PULSE OF THE CITY–YA. science fiction/fantasy. superhero. superheroine. Summary: Susie Smith has amnesia and has just about settled into a life of normalcy when she runs into the Teen Demis at the mall. They’re getting their asses handed to them, and when she sees Teen Steel almost die, she unhesitatingly leaps into the situation. And that’s when she finds out she’s not quite the Susie Normal she thought she was.
Pulse of the City — excerpt from the beginning. sci-fi. superhero. YA. COMPLETE.

Sol Crafter

THE BROWNSTONE DIARIES–mm. contemporary. romance. series. Summary: A series of stories set in the same world. The characters meet and interact with each other.
Bastian — excerpt from Chapter One. mm. contemporary. romance. WIP.

DOGGY STYLE–mm. romance. supernatural. Summary: While examining a new shipment of artifacts, Zack is struck by a powerful force and when he regains his senses he finds that he is no longer human.
Doggy Style — excerpt from Chapter Two. mm. magical artifact. romance. WIP.

ERSATZ–mm. contemporary. romance. Summary: Two men are asked a rather uncomfortable question, one that completely changes their relationship forever. “What’s it like to be in an ersatz homosexual relationship?” That was easy; they’re not in an ersatz homosexual relationship. They’re both completely straight and there’s no way they could possibly be in love with each other.
Ersatz — excerpt from Chapter One. mm. contemporary. romance. COMPLETE.

FIENDS–mm. supernatural. romance. Summary: The fiend Teablossom is sent to Earth to seduce Henry Lerner, a rather normal man that at first has no idea what is going on. Then the angel and the ghost and the craziness starts happening and his life is suddenly as far from normal as possible.
Fiends — excerpt from Chapter One. mm. supernatural. romance. WIP.

Lisa Bailey

ALTREDES — The Altredes and Mercana Families are rivals attempting to form an alliance.
Altredes — excerpt from Chapter One. fm. science fiction. crime. WIP.


COMPLETE — available for purchase now.

WIP — work-in-progress.


Word from your mother

1) Even if a story is near to being available for purchase, it is still shown as being WIP. It only becomes COMPLETE once you can buy it.

2) “Harper Kingsley” stories are for the most part PG-13, at least when it comes to relationship stuff. On occasion things get real, but that’s usually pointed out somewhere in descriptions.

3) “Sol Crafter” stories are oriented toward adults that like HEA endings, though there may be exceptions. Mm (male-male) romance written in a fairly straight-forward style.


At different times, there may be open calls for beta readers. In those instances several readers will be chosen and GoogleDocs and email will be used to enable commenting. Appreciations are always given and heartfelt.



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