Coming Up

story lengths:
novel–over 40,000 words
novella–17,500-40,000 words
novelette–7,500-17,500 words
short story–under 7,500 words

Upcoming Projects
listed in tentative release order:

Bastian–novella. m/m contemporary romance. Bastian Teague works at Brooks Books, a used bookstore. Enter Sam, a man looking for a book for niece.

Faery Tales: Duck Ugly–novella. retold fairy tales. f/m. Duck is an ugly girl in a beautiful family. She’s so ugly that she can’t possibly be their real daughter, so she is forced to live as a servant to her own relatives. [Ugly Duckling]

Topping–novella. m/m contemporary romance. After the death of his mother, James has taken over responsibility for his family. He dropped out of high school and took a job as a pizza delivery boy. Years later, he’s still delivering pizzas, but he’s questioning his life choices. Enter Paul, a hungry writer that has ordered a pizza and had a good-looking delivery man come ringing his doorbell.

Origins: Masquerade–novella. superhero. Callie Steel was a rebel against society and everything, leaving anarchy in her wake. Then she got busted and forced into the service of the people she hates the most… The League of Superheroes.

The Panic Pure–novel. m/m romance, suspense, thriller.Daniel Worth, billionaire and CEO of Worth Enterprises is questioned by FBI agent Marshal Newman about the disappearance of one of his employees. They strike up a conversation and soon are regularly meeting and begin dating. However neither realizes just how close danger is lurking.

Heroes & Villains: Killing In the Name Of–novella. superhero. m/m. The first time Vereint kills someone. [Heroes & Villains 1.2]

Heroes & Villains: The Honeymoon–novella. superhero, m/m romance. Vereint and Warrick are on their honeymoon.

Auggie–novel. m/m contemporary romance. Auggie has always dreamed of being a teacher, and now he has started his first year of teaching. Too bad he’s always been a trouble-magnet.

Allies & Enemies–novel. superhero. Sequel to “Heroes & Villains.” m/m. Starts with a bang, ends with a BANG. [Heroes & Villains 2]

Approaching Zero–novel. contemporary m/m romance.

Faery Tales: Troll Bride–novella. retold fairy tale.

Heroes & Villains: Aftermath–novella. superhero.

Faery Tales: Swan Boy–novella. retold fairy tale. m/m, f/m romance. [Swan Princess]

Gentle Is the Night–novel. urban fantasy.

The Brand–novel. sci-fi, fantasy. m/m, f/m. Pen is the desired concubine of Duke Wrathful Fury who has just killed King Gentle and taken over his kingdom all to possess him.

Jacky Moon–novel. urban fantasy. Jacky Moon is just a boy with some very special friends–Mingh and Dix–that no one else can see.

All That Remains–novel. superhero. Sequel to “Heroes & Villains” and “Allies & Enemies.” m/m. [Heroes & Villains 3]

Token–novel. fantasy, horror. A powerful evil has been awakened and once again walks the Earth.

Going Through the Motions–novel. fantasy. [A Little Death 1]

Wolves & Lambs–novel. fantasy, horror.


Mamun–novel. fantasy. Mamun wakes up in a castle with no memory and is told he is the slave of a wicked sorcerer.

Unorganized Projects:


These are story ideas that are largely sketched out, though their release dates could be far in the future.

Modern Gothic–novella. m/m contemporary romance, horror. Willan Kade and Cory Kentril have loved each other for years and have made a wonderful life together. Then Willan gets the news from his doctor that he has terminal cancer–he only has a few months to say his goodbyes and get his life in order. Cory is sure that he won’t be able to live without Willan. Maybe it’s true.

Faery Tales: Wolf Red–novella. retold fairy tale. f/m horror. [Little Red Riding Hood]

Origins: Blue Ice–novella. superhero. Details how Blue Ice started out his superhero career.

Tomahawk–novella. f/m contemporary romance.

Faery Tales: Crown of Thorns–novella. retold fairy tale.

Faery Tales: Beautiful Beast–novella. retold fairy tale. [Beauty and the Beast]

Faery Tales: Castle of Slumber–novella. retold fairy tale. f/m. [Sleeping Beauty]

Origins: Psiren’s Call–novella. supehero.

Mr. Jinx–novel. horror, suspense.

Christmas Past and Present–collection. m/m romance. Christmas stories.

The Spaces In Between–novel. fantasy. [A Little Death 2]

Emily–novel. horror. Emily and Jane are on their way to Emily’s family home for Christmas. The snow is falling heavily, the road is icy, an accident happens.

Pebbles and Breadcrumbs–novel. retold fairy tale. [Hansel and Gretel]

Beanstalk–novella. retold fairy tale. [Jack and the Beanstalk]

Residual Blue–novel. urban fantasy.

Awakened–novella. superhero. The Golden Goddess has returned. And she’s pissed.

Pyremaker–novella. superhero.

Origins: Lady Arcana–novella. superhero.

Faery Tales: Fox Boy–novella. retold fairy tale.

Do the Math–novel. thriller.

Bedding Lightning, Loving Thunder–novel. m/m, m/f contemporary romance.

Shaper King–novel. sci-fi. There’s something wrong with the World, so Crafter goes in to fix things.

The Halcyon Man–novel. superhero.

Reformed–novel. superhero.

A World Without Fear–novel. superhero.

Girl Country–novel.

Shadow Water–novel. urban fantasy.


In A Little House–novella.


In the Falling Away–novel. contemporary m/m romance. [The Panic Pure 2]

Not the Marrying Kind–novel. [Not a Romance 1]

Love Child–novel. [Not a Romance 2]

Just Another Hollywood Ending–novel. [Not a Romance 3]

Divine Flame–novel. fantasy. [Terazine 1]

Saint’s Fire–novel. fantasy. [Terazine 2]

Imladris–novel. fantasy. [Terazine 3]

Terazine–novel. fantasy. [Terazine 4]

The Halcyon Knight–novel. fantasy. [Terazine 5]

The Waking–novel. fantasy. [The Merge 1]

The Verge–novel. fantasy. [The Merge 2]

The Dreaming–novel. fantasy. [The Merge 3]

The End–novel. fantasy. [The Merge 4]

Dreaming Awake–novel. fantasy. [The Merge 5]

Wastelander–novel. fantasy. [Loveless 1]

The Sand-King–novel. fantasy. [Loveless 2]

Prince of Thorns–novel. fantasy. [Loveless 3]

Empire of the Wastes–novel. fantasy. [Loveless 4]

The Undying King–novel. fantasy. [Loveless 5]

Lord of Five Lands–novel. fantasy. [Loveless 6]

The Undying Lands–novel. fantasy. [Loveless 7]

Superlative–novel. superhero.

Castle of Lights–novel. fantasy.

Sun and Moon–novel. fantasy.

The Elementals–novel. fantasy.

A Dying Breed–novel.

The Changeling–novel. fantasy. [Changeling 1]

The Changeling’s Son–novel. fantasy. [Changeling 2]

Rose Garden–novella.

There Was a Crooked Man–novella.


The Box of Many Splendours–novella.

A Love So Pure–novella.

We Come In Peace–novel. sci-fi.


Alien Theory–novel. sci-fi.



One thought on “Coming Up

  1. Wow, that’s a long list. I noticed you have Allies & Enemies on it, as well as a lot of titles I haven’t seen before. How are things going?

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