Futurama is one of those shows that gets my brain working.

Futurama is one of those shows that gets my brain working. They kind of jumped the shark, but still I’m pleased with the result. I have science-related conversations with my brother, and that makes me happy.

I hate that I’m not very smart when it comes to some subjects. I try, but there’s just some concepts that don’t sink in. I flat out tell people that I’m dumb at math or anything related to quantum string theory. That’s the only warning they get before I start talking “science” with them.

There are times when my brother makes me feel kind of dumb. He laughed at my solar sail/plasma shield idea. (I was picturing a ship cutting across the universe like a blade. Anything gets close, it gets vaporized. You wouldn’t want to worry about a pebble punching a hole through your ship as you approach the speed of light. It would be a great weapon in normal space too. You’d just bring your shield slashing up and destroy an enemy, or at least knock out their engines.) I don’t think I was explaining myself very well (then or now).



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