I squished a bug and it smells TERRIBLE

I squished a bug and it smells TERRIBLE. Seriously, it is one of the worst stinks I’ve ever come across.

Thinking of bugs, I used to work in a small casino in Nevada. It eventually became the highest-class casino in town, but my first year working there, things were very much a work-in-progress. They had just installed the automatic sliding doors, that’s how long ago it was. And they were one of the last places to have live-coin machines, which just adds a whole extra level to things. (There are people that travel around from live-coin casino to live-coin casino. They plan out their vacations, set up travel groups, all kinds of things. I mean, there’s so few live-coin machines left that it’s almost like a treasure hunt across America.)

Anyways, there was a fire in the neighboring town, so all the bugs migrated to get away from the heat. Every time the sliding door opened, big black stink bugs were flying in. It was awful, and the stench was cringe-worthy. Every time one of those bugs got squished, the smell would linger around.

For months afterward, bugs were falling out of the live-coin machines into the trays when someone cashed out. It was a double bonus prize.

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