My tweets

  • Fri, 16:44: Your kid does not have to stand that close to the road, lady. It’s dangerous
  • Fri, 16:45: My brother is playing catch w/the Kid. It’s nice.
  • Fri, 16:47: Every child deserves to have a male influence in their life. You need harmony, a yin and a yang, to become a strong person
  • Fri, 16:48: Idk, I’m kinda peebled at the mo. It makes me talk out my ass. (That’s so folksy :P)
  • Fri, 16:50: The Kid sounds like Data from Goonies. It makes me smile.
  • Fri, 16:50: Sometimes I make him say “Doctah Jones! Doctah Jones!” to make myself laugh. (Is ashamed)
  • Fri, 16:54: I stepped on my slippers and got all scared. I thought I’d stepped on an animal for a moment
  • Fri, 16:55: What happened to my “ME” section on #Twitter? I’m a narcissist. I like to look at my own timeline.
  • Fri, 17:17: Hey Pivot, geez, what’s w/all the cringe-worthy commercials? Little Miss Sunshine is the only reason I’m watching you right now 😦
  • Fri, 17:20: TV networks: “Why isn’t anyone watching us anymore?” Uh, bc your programming is stupid and your commercials can chill a room in a mo

  • Fri, 17:21: I just yelled at the Kid “Wear your jacket!” like an old-timey TV mom.
  • Fri, 17:24: RT @aislingsiobhan: I liked a @YouTube video Eminem “The Monster” ft. Rihanna (Sung in Family Guy Voices)
  • Fri, 17:25: RT @Jody_Houser: First glimpse at Orphan Black cover art by the amazing @CatStaggs! Crazy excited about this. Cat Staggs covers! http://t.c…
  • Fri, 18:15: He insists on explaining things that I already know. I display an understanding of the subject, yet he still feels the need to “mentor” me
  • Fri, 18:16: You’re not my mentor, dude. I am not your protege. Go find someone that *wants* to be Yoda’d by you
  • Fri, 18:26: Aw, I wrote this whole awesome thing, then accidentally erased it 😦 I guess I’ll have to try a recreation.
  • Fri, 19:14: I am working on this Bride’s series-thing. It seems like it will be fun
  • Fri, 19:15: There’s only one person updating their fanfic lately. It makes me sad because I want moar.
  • Fri, 19:16: RT @ZJemptv: “7-year-old Transgender Student Causes Controversy” ??? adult transphobes cause controversy, a 7 year old just goes to school
  • Fri, 19:22: Sorry movie people, but I think I’ve hit my limit for superhero movies



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