A lot of sites are simply not kid-safe. It’s the way of things

A lot of sites are simply not kid-safe. It’s the way of things, and it’s fine the way it is. Because children should not be roaming the internet unattended, and with the use of rss feeds, email subscriptions, and fiction sites, they don’t need to be going to those sites anyway.

I don’t like to see super full-frontal, S&M gear ads or whatever without a little heads up, but LiveJournal’s Friend’s Page takes care of all that.

There’s one particular blog that is always such a shock to the system when I see it. Like “Whoa, what’s going on here?” levels of bright colors, and lots of fetish stuff. I’m used to looking at her stuff on my friend’s page, so her theme choices are a shock to the system. But her written content is such interesting stuff, like, mm, delicious, and I view the cleaned up version.

So I am aware that I mix a lot of genre stuff together (slash, femslash, het, genhet, genslash, genfemslash) and slip between several age-categories when I’m writing. It’s all out there and I’m happy if you share the links with other people. But there are some of my pages that I don’t think children should venture alone, because I do write adult content.

“Tales of Wunderland” is going to try and be for general audiences. “Susan Vs the Underworld” will be for a slightly older crowd, but nothing too hardcore. “Altredes” tried to be lighthearted, but has failed dismally. I definitely give it a teen+ suggested rating for violence, character narratives, and death.

(That’s how it works for me. “Altredes” was supposed to be my cute girl-dressed-as-a-boy trope story. They might have even had a scenario where they would have to dress in costume and sing on a stage. Instead my brain had to twist things to a darker storyline. What is wrong with me?)


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