I am too full. I feel gross

I am too full. I feel gross.

Kim bap, then salmon and teriyaki chow mein. There came a point where I should have stopped eating, but I didn’t.

The problem with legalized marijuana is that I’m not the kind of person that plans ahead, and you really need to be. Seriously, if you’re the kind of person that gets the munchies after smoking weed, you’ve also gotta be the person that writes a meal plan for yourself.

Little bento boxes in the fridge will save your life.

Suggestions: carrot and celery sticks; steamed broccoli; pickled baby carrots, baby corn, button mushrooms, avocado hearts, cucumber slices, string beans, and white radish kimchi; sour kimchi for quick kimchi pancakes, cooked with pork, served in sundubu or kimchi mandu; cubed or string cheese; crackers with various toppings you can put together; and Greek yogurt with granola, graham crackers, or fruit to use as scoops.

Make sure you practice portion control. I once ate a 2 lb bag of baby carrots in one evening because I was high and I forgot how to stop eating.


One thought on “I am too full. I feel gross

  1. I buy the square packages of pre-portioned cookie dough and separate them into ziploc bags and freeze them. I make them 4-8 cookies at a time. It’s easier than buying the cookie dough tubes — I feel obligated to make all of those cookies at one time, then someone has to eat them because I won’t.

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