What’s up: Cleaning up the mess

The Kid is here so I’m halfway rushing around putting things together for him.

This place is such a mess. I’ve straightened out so much already for his stay, but there’s still so much else to do. There are areas of this house that haven’t been touched for 30 years; I’m scared to go in those places. But now that the Kid’s here, I feel like I have no choice. My dad is going to yell at me, but if I just do it and show him a finished area, he can’t say anything.

I don’t know why he likes living in filth, but it’s his thing. He gets verbally abusive if things are changed around him. It hasn’t been worth it to hear it from him.

For the Kid’s room, I’m thinking of putting up a curtain track across the ceiling. I’ll get a long shower curtain and try it out. They have some that are made out of a more cloth-like material than vinyl. It should section up the room in a more comfortable way.

I’ve always thought bed nooks were nice.

I’ll build the room up so he has a place to stay when he visits.

I’m going to give him a bed nook, then I’m going to re-plaster and paint the walls, then lay out some flooring. I think once my dad sees what I’ve got planned, he’ll understand I’m not 15 years anymore. I don’t stop in the middle of tasks the way I used to. Mostly because I’ve started gathering all the supplies necessary before I start, that way I don’t run out of stuff partway through and have to leave things undone.

That’s the biggest problem around here. For ten years he lived alone, and in that time he took on and abandoned dozens of house projects. Like, he’d open up a wall and leave it open to fill up with dust and dog hair. All that old stuff has to be removed before a real renovation can occur. It’s a lot of work, and he doesn’t trust me to do it. Lame.


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