Notes on things (FDtC, A2D, Charlie, Triptych)

Crown = headband to send thoughts to a phone.

Halo = technology William Neeley markets. Headbands to send thoughts to a phone. CyberAngel Technologies. (FDtC)

Cymplant = replaces the halo by being an amplifier attached to the inside of a person’s skull plate. Clearer thought signals are received and the user doesn’t have to carry anything. CyberAngel Technologies. (FDtC)

I’ve usurped the idea of charlie-work. I’ve fallen in love with Charlie Kelly, seriousness. He’s an adorable actor and I can watch him all day. (What pun?) He’s played some lovable characters.

Nancy and Drew Donner are sisters. They have an older brother Frank, but he’s much older. The sisters are only a couple of years apart in age, and Nancy always took care of her sister and indulged her. So when Drew laughingly called Nancy “Charlie” because she was doing charlie-work, the name ended up sticking.

Charlie Donner goes around making friends everywhere in “Friend For a Day.” There’s some deeper stuff happening there. Charlie may always be the background character to other people’s stories, but she has her own story happening at the same time.

She even shows up in “B12.” Because everyone knows I love a good genderbender. If there’s a girl dressing as a boy in a non-terrible way, I’m there. (Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Alanna the First Adventure, You’re Beautiful, Coffee Prince, W-Juliet, Sungkyungkwan Scandal, She’s the Man, Twelfth Night, Hanakimi, Princess Princess.) But there’s got to be a plausible reason or I’ll be giving the side-eye (Just One of the Guys).

My favorite characters to write:
Charlie Donner
Xander Harris (hah!)
Vereint Georges

Huh. I can’t think of anymore. All my other characters I am driven to write. Some of them are absolutely horrible people.

Sometimes I’ll read some of my stories and think: I think I’m writing from the wrong POV. Like I’m focusing on the secondary character, when the perspective other people want to read is that of someone else at that same situation.

I guess multiple viewpoints could be a good thing if done right.

I’m working on “Triptych.”

Florentine, Rickets, and Scott are chasing after the criminal Andrew Carstens, who has stolen Dr. Zee’s transdimensional warp engine. Using their ship, the Triptych, they are jumping across causalities.

They cause a few ripples, namely: “Mad Town,” “Faizel,” “Gulivar,” and “Freeform Jazz.”

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