Dear Diary

Things we need:

Why don’t we have thought technology yet? I thought this was something we were working on.

The capability to send a thought to your phone, activating an app that’s preprogrammed for all kinds of things. We have headsets that let us send thoughts to a computer screen, and those brain microchip things. Why not tie that all in with a smartphone capable of memorizing a few thought patterns for “Turn off the house lights” or “Turn on the TV”?

We have all the pieces for some truly awesome technology, and I don’t know why they’re not put together in an affordable, customer friendly style. There should be so many companies vying to be on the bottom floor of it. Where’s Nintendo? Where’s Microsoft?

Maybe thought technology will be coming out with Amazon’s version of Google-glass. The frames will be touching all portions of your head to access your beta (?) brainwaves. (It would be like that thought game where you move the plastic balls back and forth on the sticks. I thought they were really getting somewhere with those headbands.) And if they would allow prescription lenses, they’d be awesome.

Normal glasses that translates my thought-feeling — a burst of my brain going off — into a command that it sends to my phone. My psychic finger reaching out to push a button.

That’s what I want. A normal pair of glasses with bluetooth built into the frame, and a little sensor diode inside. I think about wanting to watch Netflix, and my glasses recognize the signal my brain produces when I think “Computer, activate Netflix,” and sends a poke at my phone, which displays Netflix on the inside lens of my glasses where only I can see. My eyes focus on certain portions of the screen are translated into thoughts my phone can recognize.

(I imagine it being a multitude of commands. Your thought to move your eye, the thought to focus on something, the thought of “Yes” or “No.” Your phone would just need some app that’s programmed to be able to recognize those thought patterns. I don’t think it would be all that hard.

There’d be a bit of a learning curve, where you had to teach the app your language, but after that it would keep on picking up your thought patterns. As long as you had the glasses, you could pick up different apps from the Amazon store. I don’t think it would take very long for there to be whole operating systems to turn your phone into an actual computer.

Heck, that’s what I figure the new watches are going to have. With bluetooth and even the simplest of tablets, you could be carrying a mobile hub in your wristwatch. Your watch could be your ID when you go someplace — just swipe your wrist under a scanner to buy things. It makes it very hard for people to steal your credit card, and it’s not as permanent as getting a subdermal microchip put in.

With thought technology and a smartwatch, you wouldn’t even need to have your phone. You could wake up and just put on your glasses and your watch before going to work. You wouldn’t have to carry anything else around.

And if you’re running your own OS, would people be able to track you like they can your phone? I wonder if they have to put GPS chips in a computer watch. It would be IMs and chatting mostly, so there would be no phone plans. Hm.)

Don’t make me look like some kind of glasshole. Give me regular eyeglasses with an internal HUD display, and have all the apps and stuff running from my bluetoothed phone. I’d rather be a mobile LAN network than wear some fucking dork glasses. Plus it looks like it would be heavy on the face; I don’t know if they’re uncomfortable or not.


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