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  • Wed, 19:33: Sometimes I’ll be watching TV and think “I know way too much about that lady’s vagina.” Thanks Vagisil!
  • Wed, 20:34: Dudes, men in panties is a surprisingly *good* thing. “Lingerie for men” or
  • Wed, 20:38: Oh, the links on that last tweet were NSFW. But if the terms “lingerie” & “men” doesn’t bring to mind dudes wearing silky panties, well…
  • Wed, 20:53: Srsly, if you enter the Hannigram fandom, you will find your world being changed FOREVER. Like whoa
  • Wed, 22:58: RT @Christoph_Waltz: #RT #amwriting For you night owls: Join in on an online collaborative #horror anthology! Check out DEAD OAKS: http://t…
  • Wed, 22:59: RT @scottEweinberg: First to seven votes goes in the blu-ray machine right now: Casino Royale or Skyfall. #go
  • Wed, 23:00: Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for 00Q #Skyfall
  • Wed, 23:00: RT @JeremyOkelley: All that money being earned from pot taxes in CO? Being spent on anti-DUI campaign because DUIs have doubled. http://t.…
  • Wed, 23:03: Can anyone tell me why I can’t see the nbc story? The little ico shows in the corner of the browser along with the address, but nothing else
  • Wed, 23:32: The first episode of #Tyrant was excellent. I’m hoping it will become my new show.


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