My tweets

  • Sun, 20:31: Started my seed today 🙂 “How to Grow an Avocado Tree From an Avocado Pit”
  • Sun, 20:33: RT @AlwaysGanja: edibles make a great day
  • Sun, 20:34: RT @ChrisWarcraft: Maximus is about to kill Johnny Depp’s girlfriend! Borat watches in glee! I don’t know why my feet are on fire! Hi I’m M…
  • Sun, 21:07: Did you know there’s a Sure, the Tumblr format’s hard on my dumb brain, but I’m willing to do a lot for my obsession
  • Sun, 22:15: “I may be The Devil, but your grandpa is *the devil*” #RickAndMorty
  • Mon, 00:38: Updated LBSBSS. Working on JtAH.
  • Mon, 00:38: RT @aspeed: Now doing an editing pass over Infected: Life After Death. I forgot how Roan was kind of a dick at the start.
  • Mon, 01:14: I think it’s so rude how ppl add me to their mailing lists without asking me :/

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