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  • Sun, 00:42: Nigma liked to see himself as being one of the Batman’s favored rogues, but he was not at the level of pure *evil* that the Joker existed on
  • Sun, 00:42: RT @RowdyBowden: He’s a detective that breaks all the rules. She’s an officer consumed with revenge. Together, they’re….fired. They’re aw…
  • Sun, 00:44: He did not strike such an overwhelming brand of terror [as the Joker did] in every man woman, and child that thought of him.
  • Sun, 00:48: The Joker was a primal force. and the Batman allowed him to continue his reign of terror. Even going so far as to protect him …
  • Sun, 00:50: … from the justice he deserved. It made streets of Gotham unsafe for normal citizens and everyday rogues. *Such as myself* he thought
  • Sun, 01:03: I like the look of the Riddler in Batman: The Animated Series. They also had the better Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.
  • Sun, 01:04: RT @AlienIsolation: Seen all the stunning Alien: Isolation screenshots yet? Go to our gallery for the full lot! http…
  • Sun, 01:59: I have not. Tho I do find myself a bit intrigued RT @buddyhead: @aspeed guess youve never seen SHAT live….
  • Sun, 02:00: I feel like adding his little mustache RT @rickygervais: “@HistoricalPics: Very little Adolf Hitler.” < Aw
  • Sun, 02:02: My dog is so farty. I feel like spraying him with Febreze
  • Sun, 03:03: I think the greatest thing ever would be if it turned out that The Matrix was the future of the Terminator universe @ogy86
  • Sun, 03:06: John Connor is the original “the One” that they talk about in The Matrix. He died, but everyone goes on about him coming back someday …
  • Sun, 03:10: … as in, “I’ll be back.” Which means Neo is a false the One (explains his anagram name). Plus, everyone knows Zion is part of the Matrix
  • Sun, 03:12: I mean, think about it. Neo is able to do all that awesome stuff in the last movie bc HE’S IN THE MATRIX the whole time. They all are “Whoa”
  • Sun, 03:25: Zion is the place where they stick all the discontents. The ppl that refuse to settle into the peaceful dream of the Matrix …
  • Sun, 03:26: … are allowed to believe that they’ve somehow gotten out. The Zionists have something to rebel against, which keeps them out of the way…
  • Sun, 03:28: … Srsly, if Zion was a real place, who let the first ppl out? (The One?) No, it makes more sense if they’re running a separate simulation
  • Sun, 03:37: RT @ogy86: @HarperKingsley0 Yeah,these events were triggered by the arrival of Terminator to kill Sarah->arrival of Kyle, who told Sarah ab…

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