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  • Sat, 01:44: Shows better when rewatched: American Dad, Cleveland Show, Futurama, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Invader Zim, Rick and Morty
  • Sat, 01:47: I can watch a million reruns of The Closer and never get tired of “Brenda Lee Johnson.” (I watch Major Crimes religiously. Provenza!)
  • Sat, 01:53: Shows to watch: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Criminal Minds, CSI (Vegas), Dead Like Me, Flashpoint, Lost Girl, Psych, Pushing Daisies, Suits
  • Sat, 01:54: RT @ami_angelwings: Men like sports. So draw seams on your breasts so they look like sports balls. This will trick him into thinking sex is…
  • Sat, 01:57: Shows I wish were on TV: Atlantis High, Dark Angel, Roswell (I loved this show), Seriously Weird, The Tribe (this show is amazing!)
  • Sat, 01:58: Networks are showing garbage when there’s *so much* stuff they could syndicate. Most of the stations are infomercials! Get some programming
  • Sat, 01:59: Does Invader Zim *have* to be showed on Nickelodeon? Who has the rights? Can some local station license those rights?
  • Sat, 02:04: I wish sometimes I could change the TV programming like they did in Hackers. “Crash/Burn 4 ever!”
  • Sat, 02:05: “Yak yak yak. Get a job” #Hackers
  • Sat, 02:06: And why wouldn’t Burn want to watch The Outer Limits? that show is awesome! I really enjoyed both versions.
  • Sat, 02:09: Other great shows: Better Off Ted, Firefly, Highlander, MadTV, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Venture Brothers, Metalocalypse (hardcore)
  • Sat, 02:14: The Sarah Connor Chronicles “Samson and Delilah” song scene (spoiler alert, Trigger Warning)
  • Sat, 02:15: That scene really happened and it was the most defining moment in the show For me. John fought to save his mom! For the first time time …
  • Sat, 02:17: … she wasn’t saving him. He was really starting to become the leader of the resistance. Things were setting up. Then the show was canceled
  • Sat, 02:18: I read this T:tSCC story – White Rabbit – and I could see that happening. Her, spending all those years preparing for his arrival. Beautiful
  • Sat, 02:22: I hope that if they make a new The Sarah Connor Chronicles, that they just pick up where they left off. We don’t need a reboot every time
  • Sat, 02:23: RT @aspeed: Well, all my Riptide & Dreamspinner titles appear to be on sale today due to the #AReBlast. So if you’re missing something …
  • Sat, 02:24: Or like, have a movie that covers all the key points of the original series, then *just keep going* with the series. (That’s what tanked V)
  • Sat, 02:28: That’s how Stargate did it. They had a TV movie that retconned some aspects of the Kurt Russel movie, then they built on *their* mythos
  • Sat, 02:35: Battlestar Galactica (2003) was a great series, tho it reminded me of Please Save My Earth/Vandread/Sailor Moon at the end.
  • Sat, 02:41: Still, I’m curious how Galactica 1980 turned out. I mean, it *was* an awful show, but there was a lot of potential
  • Sat, 02:45: I honestly think that The Sarah Connor Chronicles retconned the horrors of Rise of the Machines for me. It was amazing
  • Sat, 02:46: #TtSCC picks up not long after Terminator2. “No fate but what we make” and she was a waitress again and they’re hiding.
  • Sat, 02:48: #TtSCC She started out as a waitress, young and helpless. She became a badass to stop the machines and save John. Then she tried to revert
  • Sat, 02:51: At the beginning of #TtSCC, she’s a waitress w/a fiance and a “normal” life. Then the terminators show up and she does anything for John
  • Sat, 02:54: She’s always done *anything* for John. There’s hints that she sold herself. That she killed ppl. *Anything* for him and she did it. #TtSCC
  • Sat, 03:00: Sarah Connor made John into her whole world. Then he was gone … And that’s how they ended the series. An emotional cliffhanger #TtSCC
  • Sat, 03:01: RT @ogy86: @HarperKingsley0 Sarah Connor wanted a normal life for her son, but she was the toughest soldier in the world if machines were c…
  • Sat, 03:19: That’s the only way I could see Terminator working. They’re all the different timelines spinning outward, changing the war #TtSCC
  • Sat, 03:21: I can’t see RotM-John becoming Salvation-John, but I can see that terrified trapped kid doing anything to save his mom, creating #TtSCC-John
  • Sat, 03:23: RT @ogy86: @HarperKingsley0 They are new, that’s true. If you change things – they did in T2, they prevent Judgment Day – then you change …
  • Sat, 03:28: I think so. Take “Samson & Delilah” RT @ogy86: The question is, could be John, whom we know from T2 or TSCC, also a hero and a leader?
  • Sat, 03:33: RT @ogy86: @HarperKingsley0 I agree. TSCC John was acting like a teenager but he showed glimpses of what he should be in the future, when i…
  • Sat, 03:36: RT @ogy86: @HarperKingsley0 It’s true, of course.Although I wouldn’t link the timeline T1, T2 and T3 and T1, T2 and TSCC.They are completel…

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