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  • Sun, 12:44: I was looking for good teas, and found “The Stoner’s Cookbook.” Seems legit
  • Sun, 12:47: What an idiot. I ate weed and got high? What?! “Maureen Dowd Was Warned About Edible Pot” via @HuffPostMedia
  • Sun, 12:50: One time I ate a big pot rice crispy square and I swear I saw Jesus. I was in the bathtub shaking & crying for an hour. Funny in retrospect
  • Sun, 12:51: When someone tells you to only eat half, eat fucking half. Esp if you’ve got no tolerance. It’s like slugging back a 40 for your first drink
  • Sun, 12:55: And if the eatable is for medical purposes, be aware that it’s like twice the normal amount of cannabis. It will mess you up
  • Sun, 12:57: And if you decide to try shrooms for the first time, do not watch the Venture Bros. Sure, the colors are bright, but it’s scary as hell
  • Sun, 12:58: To be honest, shrooms are the least fun thing out there. Srsly, it’s awful. Just read “Drawing Blood” by Poppy Z Brite. It’s like that …
  • Sun, 13:01: … but hopefully without the claw hammer and the murder. It’s writhing around on a bed clawing at the mattress. “When will it be over?”
  • Sun, 13:03: Ten minutes seems like Ten hours and it goes on and on while you’re crying and laughing and you can feel your face twitching uncontrollably
  • Sun, 13:05: The only experience I’ve had that was worse than shrooms, was when I had an allergic reaction to Sudafed and thought I was going to die.


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