My tweets

  • Wed, 20:44: Did you hear the news? We screwed the environment up so bad that we’ve reached the Point of No Return. Yay!
  • Wed, 20:46: We love dystopian sci-fi so much that we’ve guaranteed future generations get to live in one. Nice for them.
  • Wed, 20:48: Amazon has patented displaying a picture on a white background. How is that even possible? #ColbertReport
  • Wed, 20:56: Keri Russell is not doing well on #ColbertReport 😦 I kinda hope she dropped acid or something and is like “Must maintain” otherwise … meh
  • Wed, 21:09: This one too #PointOfNoReturn “Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, scientists warn” via @guardian
  • Wed, 21:14: Why did wolves lose their protective status? “Grey wolf appears in Iowa …and is shot dead” via @guardian
  • Wed, 21:40: Have you seen #Blue on #Hulu? Starring Julia Stiles as Blue, who is trying to raise her teen son while dealing w/her side job as an escort
  • Wed, 21:47: Blue’s “friend” Lavinia is kind of a jerk 😦 #HookedonBlue
  • Wed, 22:11: RT @scottEweinberg: >>> Who is the best “head villain” in a superhero movie? <<< Think before you answer. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of yo…
  • Wed, 22:24: That Lavinia chick is 100% weird. What is her deal anyway? #HookedonBlue

  • Thu, 03:30: Should be Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. I fixed it. We’re all just lucky I didn’t call it “Middle Easter,” confusing it w/Easter Island
  • Thu, 03:31: Srsly, I feel like CNN is *trying* to create a mass panic w/their careless sensationalism. They no longer report the news–they create it.
  • Thu, 04:27: I kinda want this for myself 😛 “Hello Kitty Children’s All Purpose First Aid Kit” via @amazon
  • Thu, 04:29: Or this one, tho it’s more expensive. I like the metal tin. “Hello Kitty All Purpose Children’s First Aid Kit”



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