My tweets

  • Fri, 23:07: “He is a convict, not some Zulu warlock!” #Riddick
  • Fri, 23:13: Everybody’s got these suspicious feelings, but nobody’s like “Dude, I think he’s in here.” What kind of survival instinct is that? #Riddick
  • Fri, 23:55: I kinda really want to see a #Riddick versus #Aliens movie
  • Fri, 23:59: “And Johns, you keep a strong spot.” What? Were they prepping for the slash sequel? #Riddick
  • Sat, 00:09: I might have to change my fic to match the events in Riddick. Or maybe it’ll just be an AU. I’m waffling L/
  • Sat, 00:10: Absolutely nothing. Say it again ya’ll … RT @rmlupo: 3 in the morning, what are you good for?
  • Sat, 00:11: “War”
  • Sat, 00:24: Remember when the only characters Liev Schreiber played was the uber creepers? “Phantoms, bitches!”
  • Sat, 00:27: RT @jamesbryronlove: If you Blog or write LitArt magazine is accepting Open submissions for its Third and fourth edition
  • Sat, 01:01: Why the hell would you go to the town in #Phantoms? Nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure

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