My tweets

  • Sat, 18:55: RT @ChristineHanch3: Time goes way too quickly when watching #OrphanBlack
  • Sat, 18:56: In the Subaru commercial, what is w/the voice over guy? Is that his adult version, Wonder Years style?
  • Sat, 18:58: That is some crazy polygamist shit right there. Is she drugged? #OrphanBlack (That’s totally not legal tho. Get outta there!)
  • Sat, 18:59: OMG! How could they end it right there? I need more! #OrphanBlack
  • Sat, 19:04: Netflix recommends some rly stupid shit for me. What’s up with that?
  • Sat, 19:09: RT @scottEweinberg: OK, last one. And you must choose. (if you’re legally an adult). Ready? #teambeer or #teamweed ? One.
  • Sat, 19:20: I can’t help myself. I’m watching the Christmas episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on Netflix #IASIP
  • Sat, 19:24: I haven’t seen enough episodes and I’m not watching them in order. Was Charlie’s mom a prostitute? Or did she just rly love Santas? #IASIP
  • Sat, 19:25: Lol, that’s awesome. Watch the Christmas episode. Wow. #IASIP
  • Sat, 19:27: The couch scene … naked … I’m laughing so hard #IASIP
  • Sun, 01:09: RT @aspeed: @HarperKingsley0 Oh, but I once wrote a really fun one of those. Someone used a grenade inside a ship to hull it.
  • Sun, 01:12: Having bombs blown up in the water while he’s swimming would fuck James Bond up. (bombing for fish style)
  • Sun, 01:16: Why was there an airlock override in #Aliens? A depressed marine popping the airlock would be a terrible tragedy.
  • Sun, 01:28: James Bond has been around forever. Do you think he’s ever banged a villainess then met someone familiar looking 20 years later. “Hm, sexy”
  • Sun, 01:30: I like to think Johnny Depp would pinky swear some random dude #AmericanDad
  • Sun, 01:32: “@aspeed: The evil corporation is the big machine behind it all” I like how everything ties in to #AliensVsPredator and #Prometheus
  • Sun, 01:35: Dude, I am so fucking peebled right now. Srsly. It makes my brain frickin’ RUN
  • Sun, 01:41: I’m eating salsa, shredded cheddar, and tortilla chips at 1:30 in the morning *sigh* #munchies
  • Sun, 01:55: I am srsly full of love right now. Whatever the vaporizer was loaded with has made the world beautiful.
  • Sun, 01:58: Dude, don’t judge me. I live in Washington State. It’s the weekend. I’m not driving. Relax.
  • Sun, 02:09: What’s the word for when soldiers put up a barrier at their fallback position? Part of a defense in depth plan? #RItD
  • Sun, 02:11: Does anyone know if there’s a schematic for the Basilica? What’s that big entry room called? #Riddick
  • Sun, 02:15: I imagined the chamber of the Quasi-Dead as being on the left there. “The Basilica” #Riddick
  • Sun, 10:29: I had like 4 dreams about Daron from Daron’s Guitar Chronicles bc I was excited about there being an update.
  • Sun, 10:29: Except today is Sunday and the update was yesterday and I’d already read it :/
  • Sun, 10:33: My dreams: lying on a couch in Jake’s basement playing a guitar. “I’m kissing the lips I am missing and hope that my dreams will come true”
  • Sun, 10:35: My dreams: a benefit concert in the elementary school gym for some reason. There was only like 60 ppl, lol. Incl bright pink jerseys
  • Sun, 10:37: My dreams: one line “Tell your friend that the reason I fucked in the closet is bc I didn’t want everyone to smell it.” What?! lol
  • Sun, 10:46: RT @ZellerHeller: Friendly reminder that Bryan Fuller is a person with feelings and his response to disrespectful criticism is better than …
  • Sun, 10:50: RT @NASA: On space station, we have flying robots, too! #MayThe4thBeWithYou #HappyStarWarsDay #ISS

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