Paradigm Shift 77 [mm, sci-fi, mpreg. A/B/O]

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi, mpreg
Rating: mature

He could imagine the mockery when the Valkyries came to collect his body, dead of a broken neck after all his years of battle. The report to his Family would be respectful, but behind the scenes at the Morgue there would be laughter and speculation about the Prime that died so ignobly. They were a largely irreverent group, their sole purpose to ensure that the dead stayed dead and that there was never a repeat of the Phage Virus.

Dylan pushed all thoughts of dying out of his mind. Now wasn’t the time to be distracted, though he knew his scattered concentration had to do with worry over the missing Gregor. The man had disappeared with no trace and Dylan feared that he was already dead.

Enough, he thought firmly. Focus on what you’re doing. Now is not the time for distractions.

Once his feet were on solid ground, he moved out of the way for the Law Officers. It was dark in the maintenance space, stifling from a lack of air flow, but at least the ceiling was tall enough toe stand comfortably. Room to move made it easier for mechanics to work on the boxy air recyclers and the rather esoteric looking hydro-light control system.

Reaching into his pocket, Dylan pulled out a small penlight. Clicking it on, he was careful to look away long enough for his eyes to adjust. The dispersal filter gave it a four meter diameter of illumination; pointing it at the ceiling lit the whole room.

He’d been a boy when he’d toured all the hidey holes of the Family compound. He remembered holding his father’s hound as he was led around, shown all the Family secrets. Renalto Park’s voice had been a hushed whisper, his words meant for Dylan alone as they had traversed the secret passages and crawled through the maintenance ducts.

Dylan could still remember the excitement of that day. Of having his father all to himself. He’d been nine years old, Zero barely a toddler, and he’d been happy. A week later Renalto was blown apart by a dispersement bomb after his vehicle was attacked by dissidents. Most of his body had been vaporized in the blast, his hand left palm up in the street, the glove burned away to reveal the pale pink of the skin below.

Dylan had seen the photographs on the newsfeed. It was an iconic image of the Duadenora Family’s loss, one that was still emotionally gripping whenever it was reprinted, which seemed like every year.

Being in the maintenance space, Dylan almost thought he could hear his father’s voice again. Almost thought he could smell the warm scent of his cologne in the dusty stillness.

Renalto Park was the reason Dylan became a Law Officer. Because without Law there was anarchy and the evil in the world would not be stopped. And madmen like Virgil Hanson set bombs and attacked innocent people on their way to work.


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