My tweets

  • Mon, 04:35: I embarrass myself w/the things I say. Or rather, the way ppl react to the things I say. My brain fills in the silences w/recriminations
  • Mon, 04:36: I’m paranoid and a little high strung. I always feel like ppl are looking at me w/judgy eyes. “Stop trying to crawl under my skin!”
  • Mon, 04:38: And don’t try to hit on me either … Sorry guy in the grocery store. I know I’m super cute, but you were much too hot for me. Brain melt
  • Mon, 04:40: It makes me regretful. I like a dude that’s a little younger, plus his dad has a beach house, so he was a real catch. And I ran away D:
  • Mon, 04:41: I look younger than I am. He was buying beer, but he couldn’t have been much older than 21. He looked like he could have been in movies.
  • Mon, 04:44: I’m dumb 😦 I mostly wear glasses, so I look like I might be smart, but no. I’m pretty dumb.
  • Mon, 04:45: When I bother w/contacts, ppl don’t want to leave me alone. I can’t handle that stress. My airhead babble embarrasses me :/
  • Mon, 04:48: Sometimes I regret freaking out when my mom tried to sell me to that guy. He was a nice dude, he had a car. He wanted to put a ring on it.
  • Mon, 04:51: I think he told his family he was going to marry me. Bc after I shut him down (he talked thru movies, fuck that!) he dated a girl w/my name
  • Mon, 04:54: There was a chef that tried to kill himself the same day I rejected his begging me for a date. He freaked me out. He came on way too strong.
  • Mon, 04:56: I felt bad bc he was nice, but looming over me and backing me close to a wall … definitely not a way to win at dating.
  • Mon, 04:59: Idk, I’m bad juju. I want to love and be loved, but I don’t know how. A coworker once told me, “You’re not the marrying kind.” Must be true.
  • Mon, 05:09: Ah, I made myself sad 😦 Honestly, I still miss my Internet penpal from when I was 15. His handle was Vlamindar and he lived in Australia
  • Mon, 05:11: We wrote poetry on a forum. He sent me his picture.I dropped off the Internet. “I go where you go, the light dims, where I am, I don’t know”
  • Mon, 05:13: He was too athletic and muscly, playing soccer, or is it football where he is? I like short guys and sweater vests, non-mean gamer guys …
  • Mon, 05:15: … I had a mad crush on Ryan Cartwright as Harris Pembleton. The accent, the clothes, his weird laugh. That shit’s hot.

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