My tweets

  • Mon, 18:38: The world’s greatest Orphan Black fanvid: “Thrift Shop” @clancynacht
  • Mon, 19:56: Wouldn’t it be crazy if Felix was a clone too? He was from the UK project bc the two projects wanted to see how they’d interact #OBspec
  • Mon, 19:57: I want to read some Cyteen-eque Orphan Black fic. I’ve always wondered how Cyteen and the azi started. #OBspec
  • Mon, 22:46: I read the “Time Traveller’s Guide to Werewolves” and I am *crying*. It’s a Teen Wolf gif-fic (lotsa pictures) and I need more
  • Mon, 22:48: It’s turned into a big series. If I would have known, I might have looked at the first story and stopped. Bc *feelings*
  • Mon, 22:56: RT @conartworks: My finished portrait of @TomDaley1994 made out of the homophobic tweets sent to him when he came out. #art
  • Mon, 23:00: RT @peelingjustin: R.I.P to everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you’re are all dead to me.
  • Mon, 23:59: “What?! You don’t know why the Americans and Germans were fighting in World War II? … Nobody knows” – Klaus #AmericanDad
  • Tue, 01:32: RT @cracked: Cops are really difficult to prosecute. 5 Recent Trends That Make It Hard to Trust Police –
  • Tue, 01:36: Do you like shapeshifters, intrigue, #mm, and an awesome author voice? Check out Andrea Speed’s “Infected” series.


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