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  • Sun, 18:08: I watched that new Ben Hur today. It was actually pretty good. The guy from The Originals, Dyson from Lost Girl, and Lana from Smallville
  • Sun, 18:42: Srsly, does anyone know the CSS for this? RT @ackatt: How do I make my comments have line breaks? (Infinitano theme)
  • Sun, 19:01: I can’t stand being around ppl eating food. If I’m sitting there minding my business, and someone comes in w/food and starts eating … ugh
  • Sun, 19:12: I love food, but listening to someone chomping and chewing, talking w/their mouth full … I can’t even hear the TV over it 😦
  • Sun, 20:03: Godzilla looks like it’s going to be so good. I’m excited
  • Sun, 20:58: “Oh, what’s this? You like anime? Bam! 6000 hentai anime recs!” Thanks Netflix. Thanks *a lot* v_v
  • Sun, 21:04: When I watched Darklight on the Syfy channel, I might have enjoyed it if Shiri Appleby’s hair hadn’t been so terrible. Now it’s on Netflix
  • Sun, 21:06: Srsly, I had just come off years of watching Roswell. My mind was open to awesomeness. Instead, all I could focus on was that rat’s nest 😦
  • Sun, 21:07: It’s like the 3rd Res Evil movie and Milla Jovovich’s hair. What was up with that? You can manage caking on 6 layers of makeup, but no comb?
  • Sun, 21:23: Yoda is a self-serving dick. Srsly. “21 Real Deleted Scenes That Completely Change Famous Movies”


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