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  • Sun, 13:14: RT @kayelleallen: New Books Every Day (Rated R) is out! Stories via @HarperKingsley0
  • Sun, 22:45: I love cellophane noodles, but this is why you don’t buy straight from China
  • Sun, 23:29: Is super rabies rat rly like that? #TheClevelandShow * Like #Quarantine-movie level of Nazi rabies. Able to chew thru steel treads & ur face
  • Sun, 23:37: Seems like a good idea RT @RT_com: Nevada rancher, armed militias win standoff with Feds, govt returns cattle
  • Sun, 23:37: Why would they have wanted to keep his cattle in the first place? They just wanted him to understand that he was wrong #A2D
  • Sun, 23:38: He’s illegally grazing his cattle on public land. Point 1: You could be driving down the road and hit one of his roaming cows #A2D
  • Sun, 23:40: Point 2: It wasn’t that he refused to *start* paying grazing fees back in 1993. It’s that he *stopped* and yet still used the service #A2D
  • Sun, 23:42: They took his cattle away, then they gave them back. He should start paying his bills, and the Feds should cut his fines. #A2D
  • Sun, 23:49: A few years back there was a local farmer that was always losing his horse. We’re 6 miles away, yet his horse ended up in our yard. #A2D
  • Sun, 23:54: I see this cattle ranch thing as being a case of the Feds taking his cattle (which were on public land?) to give him a wake up call. #A2D


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