I have a fondness for the avi format

I don’t think it’s very cool how I need an Internet connection to watch some movies. I bought and paid for them. I would like a digital copy, please.

I have a fondness for the .avi format and the VLC media player. I don’t want to download 7 gigs to watch some stupid movie. I would prefer being able to put together a playlist and have it play by itself, with a movie that’s a single 700MB file or a half-hour TV show that’s less than 300MB. My laptop screen is not that high-def and I just like having something play in the background while I’m writing.

At the very least, I wish I could watch things from Hulu and Netflix with a player that can be resized. As it is, if I watch something on my laptop, I can’t minimize the player past a certain point, which is still most of my screen. With VLC Player, I can minimize to the size of a comb.

I don’t want to illegally download movies or TV shows. I want to be able to use the player I like when I like. And I don’t want to constantly have the “Buffering…” message pop up while I’m watching something or have the image be so scratchy it makes me feel seasick.

Isn’t there a way to allow people to download an .avi sized digital file, but have it contain an invisible digital watermark to keep people from uploading it to torrent sites? I would be able to buy digital content that I can enjoy when I want to, while at the same time I won’t be jamming up my hard drive, hogging our shoddy wifi, or using up all my Memory.

I buy DVDs because I like some idea of permanence. I realize that purchasing from Amazon digital means any movie I buy would be available when I want, but the files are huge and sometimes (most times) I don’t want to have to screw around with opening up a special viewer and logging in and blah blah.

Recently I haven’t felt comfortable watching my TV show DVDs on my laptop because my drive has been making suspicious noises and the images and dialogue start skipping or freezing. Instead I’ve been watching The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy on repeat, which I don’t mind, but I miss my Venture Bros marathons. (Which I always wished I could “set it and forget it.” Having to change discs and seasons on my computer is kinda lame when it comes to DVDs. I have to mess around with player size and redo all my settings every time I change discs.) Anyways, I have all these digital copies of movies because of purchased Blu-Rays, but I don’t watch them or use Vudu because it’s another hassle I don’t want to deal with.

A lower-quality, but still watchable digital media file that I could download for offline watching would make me so happy.


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