That whole healthcare thing

I went to and Washington didn’t show up on the list, so I followed the link to the Washington healthcare finder, which turned around and gave me an error saying it couldn’t do anything for me. Am I going to get in trouble? Because if the government comes after me for not signing up, I’m going to be pretty pissed off.


2 thoughts on “That whole healthcare thing

  1. Dude….

    Yer already on the death list.

    Once they find out you’ve willfully chosen to not take the Mark of the Beast, oh yes they will hunt and kill you.

    More seriously, I think there’s a fine this year of 95 dollars. I get healthcare at work so I didn’t pay attention.

    • It sucks because this was the second time I tried to do it and I was so happy that it kinda went through … only to have the site say “Nope, not for you” 😦 Can they really hold it against me that it didn’t work?

      I already felt super uncomfortable giving my social security number to some random website :/

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