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  • Sun, 21:23: RT @KevinCarson1: .@HarperKingsley0 …biological triumphalism horseshit. Not as bad as Farnam’s Freehold, but bad.
  • Sun, 21:27: The stations, ships, and 3d fx are good. I’d tear this puppy apart and make a new movie out of it. #StarshipTroopersInvasion
  • Sun, 21:28: Come on fanvidders: We can build it better, stronger, w/a more cohesive storyline that doesn’t suck quite so much #StarshipTroopersInvasion
  • Sun, 21:32: Johnny Rico has balls of iron! He used an explosion to propel himself w/no helmet, no horrible 3rd degree burns #StarshipTroopersInvasion
  • Sun, 21:34: Carl Jenkins needs to be shot. He’s a traitor to humanity, and he’s not as cute as Neil Patrick Harris 😛 #StarshipTroopersInvasion
  • Sun, 21:39: The new Red Dawn is supposedly the North Korean attacking America. Probly would have made more sense to keep the Russians #UkraineInvasion
  • Sun, 22:53: Um, watched the first ep of “She Is Wow.” Does it get any better, or should I save my sanity and watch something else? I like HEAs #kdrama
  • Sun, 22:55: Plus the dad is kind of a dick. What a way to break it to your wife (who you refuse to give a divorce) that you have a male lover. #kdrama
  • Sun, 22:56: “This is my handsome loverboy that’s so much better than you,who I’ve kept on my string for the last 12 years to protect my career” #kdrama
  • Sun, 22:57: I’m such a bitch, I would have completely wrecked his life. Maybe not outed him, but at least turned up the heat a little. #kdrama

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