Paradigm Shift 76 [mm, sci-fi, mpreg. A/B/O]

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi, mpreg
Rating: mature

Following the trail of blood was easy. Too easy. It was only luck that Dylan had been raised to be paranoid, otherwise he would have been killed or at least seriously injured.

As it was, he was limping on his left leg by the time he reached the Farm. The two Law Officers had been far enough back to escape any damage, though they still looked a bit wild-eyed and ruffled. Which was a natural reaction to a stun baton jury-rigged to a shock grenade–the overpowered grenade had become a deadly explosive that left a six-foot-wide crater in the once pristine lawn. They were probably thinking about how they’d nearly died, Dylan’s quick reflexes the only thing to save them.

What Dylan was concerned about was how the grenade hadn’t gone off until he’d already passed it. Someone had remotely triggered the explosion using a mobile phone. Which mean Hanson and his Acolytes had been watching them coming and knew the explosion hadn’t worked.

Hanson was going to be ready for them.

A part of Dylan was screaming “Trap! Watch out!” but most of him was excited.

He was a First, and as such, there was nothing he liked more than a good fight. And crazy as he was, Hanson was a good fighter.

Dylan pulled out his ePad and accessed the security cameras in the Farm. They were on a separate system from the rest of the compound, which meant the saboteurs had only affected the secondary system.

His lips pulled back in a fierce grin as he spotted his quarry holed up in the fishery. They had no idea he could see them plain as day.

Hanson, one arm pressed against his bleeding gut, was slumped against the side of the warm-water tank. His three surviving Acolytes were laying booby traps on the doors and looked like they were readying themselves for a siege. They were planning their last stand.

Dylan pointed at the building’s roof, letting the Law Officers know they were going up. There was a somewhat hidden roof access that would let them use the maintenance space to enter the building. It was Family-only knowledge, so Hanson wouldn’t know of the entrance.

Once again wishing he had his gear, Dylan didn’t hesitate to start scaling the side of the building. He went first to show the Law Officers where the largely invisible handholds were, narrow grooves that barely fit the tips of his fingers. It was a precarious climb where he felt as if he could fall backward at any moment.

It was a relief to pull himself up over the ledge and onto the roof. He held out a gloved hand to the first Law Officer and pulled her up. She was breathing a little hard from the effort, but was quick to help her partner.

Dylan had never had cause to enter the fishery through the roof, so it took him a moment to find the access hatch. By the time he’d made it passed the blocks and released the ladder, the Law Officers had sorted themselves out and were ready to follow him.

“Quietly now,” he cautioned. Dylan went first, careful of his dress shoes on the metal of the ladder.


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