The Rebranding Of SOPA: Now Called “Notice And Staydown”

This seems really fucking stupid to me.

They want to break the Internet, then they’ll probably be crying that it doesn’t work the way they’re used to.

Basically, they want DMCA s to be permanent, and part of it is that websites will be expected to delete the “offending” materials and all copies of it. You know, so there’s no way to prove you had a legitimate and fair use happening.

It’s one thing if someone is providing copyrighted material for illegal download, it’s something completely different if someone is being a dick and sending DMCAs to take down their competitors site, which some assholes were totally doing for a while.

Seriousness, I wish some of these peoples’ kids would sit the out-of-touch dinosaurs trying to make these laws down and explain how the Internet works. Or at least explain how lame the world will be without Tumblr to amuse us with funny gifs.

I’m not sure if they keep trying this shit because they’re a bunch of corporate shills bowing down to dying big industries, or if they’re just ignorant and have never paused to consider what affect they’re having on the world. Either way, this new version of SOPA is even worse than the first one. Lame.

Too bad there’s not the equivalent of a DMCA for dumb laws — “Due to the Millennial Stop Wasting Our Fucking Time Act, you are no longer allowed to try to bring this lame duck of a law back. If you do not cease and desist, you will be drawn and quartered as a gifset of your head photoshopped onto four different bodies doing gross and disgusting acts to various farm animals.”

Look, I’ve sent out DMCAs before. My books were being given out on a WordPress site run by some sleazy guys and I didn’t like it because I wasn’t getting any money. Plus they weren’t even smart enough to use any kind of screen at all — seriously, I ran a Google search of my name, and there my books were at this sketchy site that looked like it was also handing out STDs for your computer. Anyone dumb enough to download anything from them was looking to have a bad time when that trojan unpacked and sent all their personal and financial information to Russia. My big concern was no money for me, as I’m too poor to buy bread, so I filled out the form and had my stuff taken down. No fuss, no muss, and I didn’t have to worry about them being the first site that popped up when someone ran my name.

But this new bill is going to strangle the Internet and I give it a big resounding NO! vote.

And if my favorite fanfictions disappear because someone gets butthurt and starts sending out notices to or AO3, I will seriously lose my mind.

Besides, all this kind of thing will do is have people build their own WordPress sites with restricted access (it’s really easy to do) or have people blocking their sites from search. All the awesome sauce will still remain, though it will be harder for casual people to find, and in the end a separate Internet will form up and there will be less policing of the more serious offenses like kiddie porn and snuff films.

I believe in a free Internet in the sense that when I want to find something I want to be able to run a search and find something. I don’t want to have to friend some stranger so I can get access to some site where I need to feel like a criminal just so I can look at pictures of Hannigram.

Fuck that noise.

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SOPA keeps coming back — under new, misleading names, of course.


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