My tweets

  • Sat, 12:14: This is my plan. I’m going to buy some shipping containers someday and convert them. “Box-Car Living”
  • Sat, 13:11: workingamerica: We LIKE separating fact from fiction. SHARE if you do too. #RaiseTheWage
  • Sat, 13:28: Dude, this is actually pretty cool, tho I need more info. “Kunaki — CD/DVD manufacturing and publishing service”
  • Sat, 22:33: Semalt(dot)com hit my site a bunch of time. They’re a bot crawler that’s selling stuff that’s usually for free. Don’t visit their site 😡
  • Sat, 22:34: It’s been suggested that Semalt(dot)com is doing some kind of guerrilla marketing. They hit your site so you’ll visit them. Sleazy
  • Sat, 22:42: This guy’s experience with Semalt(dot)come. His opinion changed in the comments

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