I’ve been sneaking in to use my brother’s desk and chair.

I’ve been sneaking in to use my brother’s desk and chair. I’m a little jealous; it would be nice to have an office of my own. Plus he has a large white board and I’ve been writing on it, snapping a picture, and adding them to my reference folder in Scrivener.

I usually write from my bed, but my laptop started overheating and my lapdesk broke. There’s no way that I can comfortably type with my laptop on my lap — it’s a brick. For a while I was writing with my Kindle Fire, but the spellcheck updated and now it sucks. It autocorrects my words even when I type them out. Plus my case makes it too heavy for me to hold it for very long. My thumb has started acting weird lately.

Honestly, I prefer writing things out by hand. It makes my thoughts flow more lyrically. I do a lot of self-editing when I type things out. I mean, sometimes the scenes go from my brain to the page in one clean line, but other times I get too rambly when there’s a keyboard in front of me. Mostly because there’s room for me to change subjects in my brain and there’s a strange feeling of impermanence to the words. I feel like I have words to spare.

When I write on paper there’s no backspace button or arrow up. I have to keep moving forward. Sometimes I’ve had to cross out whole paragraphs and rewrite a scene, but it’s not something I do very often. Paper tells my brain to keep control of my linear storytelling, keep things brief, and once a scene happens there’s no going back to change it. I have to keep discipline.

I’m more prolific with a keyboard, but I write better story with a pen. So my writing preference is to write the story on paper, then add all the details and shorter scenes on the computer.

Not being able to type comfortably has really set back my schedule. I write on paper as much as I can, and when I run out of story I type it up and switch to editing/filler-mode. But if I only have one option or another I find myself reading fanfic on my Kindle instead of writing.

Using my brother’s desk has helped me out a lot. I sneak in and type out all my pages in one big burst, which gives me something to edit.


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