The Thing 3: why not?; book recs

I think they could make a third The Thing movie. It could pick up in 1982 when Kurt Russell’s character and the other guy are frozen in the snow. As The Thing prequel tells us, the creature can survive being frozen solid. Once it defrosts, it’s able to come back to life and attack humans and whatever.

The third movie could pick up where the rescue crew shows up and finds the frozen body of one of them being The Thing. The body is taken back to the mainland for testing, where it defrosts and things get deadly serious. Or it could even be in modern times where a body is found in the snow where it walked away from the base and was frozen for decades. Now the new arctic expedition finds the mysterious body and AH!

This is a creature that can survive in its own blood. So maybe Kurt Russell wiped all of them out. What if there was a bunch of frozen blood that is found by the forensics team investigating what wiped out two expeditions, and that blood infected someone in the lab.

BTW, a cool “it’s in the blood” book is Wen Spencer’s Ukiah Oregon series, which starts with Alien Taste. I’m also a big fan of her Elfhome books: Tinker, Wolf Who Rules, and Elfhome (which I only recently read and loved. I was just so happy to see it for the discount price of $3.99 that I snatched it right up). I’m impatiently waiting for the new book in the series, Wood Sprites.

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