Spaceballs is on Netflix/My mental letter to Netflix

My dad made such fucking fun of me for watching Spaceballs. Like he literally hurt my feelings. It’s like when he gave me crap for my love of Little Shop of Horrors. (What? That nerdly little glasses guy thing Rick Moranis did was hot. If I could find a guy that was sweet like Seymour, but smart like Wayne Szalinski, I would marry the dude.)

Anyways, Spaceballs was playing on TV with all the stupid commercials and a lot of cut scenes, and every time my dad walked passed the living room he had to make a remark. It made me so unhappy. So now that Spaceballs is on Netflix I can watch it when my dad’s not around. So thanks for making it available. And please bring more awesome movies and things that I love. And maybe a little less crap.


“How many assholes we got on this ship anyway?” – Lord Dark Helmet

Movies I can’t find/that I’m not willing to buy on DVD:
My Stepmother Is An Alien
Zorro the Gay Blade
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Ewoks and the Battle for Endor
(I was very invested in Cindel’s adventures. She was my Rainbow Brite human spin-off obsession as a kid.)


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