Seriousness, sometimes I’m amazed by my own writing

Seriousness, sometimes I’m amazed by my own writing. Not because it’s super awesome good or anything, but because I’m shocked I can hold a story together for that many words. I mean, some of this shit is 140k! That’s a lot of chapters, a lot of words, a lot of plotty porny stuff I’m throwing out there.

And of course, there are the times when I don’t visit a story for a while and I read through it and … Wow.

I have a bad memory, it’s one of those quirks about me. I can remember the basic plot of a story, but I forget the writing style and the words used. So when I read some of my stuff, I get blown away. Like I’ll be reading and I’ll think, “Man, this is really good. Did I really write this?”

I seriously took an old story I wrote and ran it through copyscape because I was suddenly afraid that it belonged to someone else. There’s no way I can write Xena-fic that good. I must have plagiarized someone. But nope, that’s my Strife/Hermes slash story from like 2003.

I wonder when I lost the ability to write like that. Because seriously, that’s some good soup. I’m jealous of ten years ago me.


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