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  • Thu, 17:18: Sometimes … *sigh* “Huck Dynasty”
  • Thu, 17:30: What is wrong w/ppl? “Texas Man, 27, Charged With Federal Hate Crime For ‘Knockout Game’ Attack On 79 yo Victim”
  • Thu, 17:31: What disturbs me the most is that smile he’s wearing in his mugshot. Who would hit an elderly person? You don’t hit anyone, but a 79 yo? Low
  • Thu, 20:39: Why does that Cameron Diaz/Tom Cruise spy movie give me a creepy chill? Idk, he just seems a bit … rapey. #channelchanged
  • Thu, 20:39: Srsly, he kidnaps her, changes her into a bikini while she’s unconscious, physically controls her body, & doesn’t rly explain anything
  • Thu, 20:40: To him–he’s saving her. To her–he’s just kidnapped her and taken her to a desert island w/no way home. Romantic? Nay. CREEPY!
  • Thu, 21:29: Yes, I’m sure it would be super romantic if he proved his love to her by being shot in the back of the head. Ah, romance
  • Thu, 21:31: Srsly, why do movie-makers make their action romcoms or whatevers so stupid? Read some books in the romance genre. See what ppl like.
  • Thu, 21:33: I wouldn’t mind so much if I didn’t think they were in a room somewhere going “Ah, these romance fans are so stupid they’ll eat anything up”
  • Thu, 21:34: “Look, we’ll have her shoot a gun facing backward on a motorcycle while we don’t even bother to use good blue screen. Yay! Money!”


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