I watch Venture Bros while I write. Hank from H&V is named after Hank Venture.

I watch Venture Bros while I write. (Hank from H&V is named after Hank Venture.) I load the discs in my computer and watch in a window next to my Scrivener.

I’m one of those people that needs a bit of noise and flashing color to write. I need to multitask, otherwise I get obsessive about stupid stuff. Having a video playing distracts my brain enough that I can actually write (versus wasting all the time ever created).

I can’t watch anything too plotty while writing and I tend to stay away from stuff I’ve not seen yet. I like snappy dialogue and situational comedy (when are two henchmen arguing about using jetpacks or the viability of Smurfs not completely awesome? Never). I write best to half hour shows that wrap up neatly.

Favorite shows to write to:
Venture Bros
South Park
Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
The Crazies
American Dad
Family Guy
The Cleveland Show
Invader Zim

I love Metalocalypse, but that’s more walking stuff than writing. Just listening to the dialogue is entertaining. Gets the heart pumping šŸ˜›

“Well I’m going to go out there and get some of that action.”
“Uh, don’t you want to change?”
“No way. I love wearing a tux when I kill guys. It makes you kind of feel like James Bond.”
-Brock Samson & Rusty Venture
Venture Brothers – Fallen Arches


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