My tweets

  • Sun, 15:09: Looking at children’s books on Amazon. In the 9-12 age range, they offer The Walking Dead. Really?
  • Sun, 16:45: I bought a bag of socks today. It always makes me happy to have a dozen pairs of new socks around. I also got a new pair of house shoes.
  • Sun, 16:47: Btw, ladies, boys socks are great. For some reason, women’s socks are super skimpy, but large boys socks fit a shoe size of 3-9.
  • Sun, 17:34: My sister wants to store her stuff here. She was supposed to be by yesterday and we waited all day. She didn’t show up and didn’t call.
  • Sun, 17:36: She just called to say she’s going to stop by at 9 tonight. So we’re going to be hauling boxes down into the basement in the dark & the rain
  • Sun, 20:10: I figure he’s going to talk the whole time #Elysium is on 😦 Special hell, anyone?
  • Sun, 22:06: Everyone should read through the posts on Customers Suck. Teaches you to be a human being
  • Sun, 22:27: So… I guess my sister isn’t coming after all. How considerate of her *not* to call :/
  • Sun, 22:41: That’s a terrible movie RT @scottEweinberg: I think I was in a good fucking mood the first time I saw Battle: Los Angeles. (-_-)
  • Sun, 22:42: Dude, unless someone announces publicly that they’re getting a divorce, mentioning their marital troubles is a no-no

  • Sun, 22:43: It also makes ppl not want to share their business w/you. Plus you get a reputation for being a gossip and a mood killer
  • Sun, 22:44: Srsly, I think this guy gets off on bringing ppl down. He recounts other ppls bad news w/such an air of glee that it’s uncomfortable
  • Sun, 22:46: Marriages breaking up, horrible car accidents, a woman’s ovary troubles … everything is fair game to him. No matter how private or nunya

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