What really pisses me off is when a show goes exclusive to a single digital provider. Really, guys?

What really pisses me off is when a show goes exclusive to a single digital provider. Really, guys? Really?

I’ve gotta wait so long for shows to appear on Netflix that it’s simply irritating. I’ve had Hulu and Amazon and DramaFever and Crackle and Viki accounts … yet most of them are useless because I realized I wasn’t watching them. I was throwing away money on a service that I switch back and forth amongst; I’ve always got a different favorite. I spent long stretches of time with Hulu before the commercials started getting ridiculous and I’d caught up with my watching, then I switched to mainly DramaFever and Netflix. And I only watched Amazon the once when I bought a movie from them.

Is there some kind of service where I can watch all the different digital services through? It could excuse itself as being hardware, a tool to access Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. “A way to make client accounts easier for the client to navigate. No more switching back and forth through services. One search functionality for all.”

There’s all these great shows and movies out there, but when they’re available exclusively on certain services, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t mind paying for the shows, but I hate how little control I have about what I get to watch without having to switch between services.

I would think my digital services could be managed like channels on a TV. I mean, seriousness, our current TV has more memory than the computer I had when I was a teenager and it accesses Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu natively. Why can’t my TV allow me to create an entertainment play list that it shuffles through? Instead, the Netflix we’ve got will finish playing a show and then just go to the video page. I want shows to start themselves.

I don’t know. I’m just pissed off that there’s only season one of Venture Bros on Netflix. I’ve got all the seasons on DVD, but I don’t want to bother getting out the discs. And there’s no package deal with Vudu or whatever. It just reminds me how Viacom snatched South Park away from me. I’m dissatisfied (even though all the episodes can be watched at South Park Studios online).


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