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  • Thu, 15:31: Did they have mochas in 1979? #proofing #amediting
  • Thu, 15:49: Cool. Thanks 🙂 RT @aspeed: In some places, yes. It’s a pretty old drink.
  • Thu, 15:51: RT @ajam: Felix Garcia, a deaf prisoner, was attacked & raped by two inmates. Part 1 of @AmericaTonight‘s series “Deaf in Prison” 9ET/6PT.
  • Thu, 15:52: That makes me sad bc of all the Tobias Beecher fic I’ve read. I know he’s not real, but Oz rly got into my head. Prison is not a good place
  • Thu, 15:54: If you’ve never watched Oz, the whole basis of it is how a normal affluent guy is broken down and turned into a hardened criminal.
  • Thu, 15:56: The system offers v little rehabilitation. Ppl w/minor offenses are packed in w/rapists, murderers & career criminals. It’s terrible.
  • Thu, 15:57: When someone is first brought in, they wearing a white jumpsuit & no one knows what they did so they have to be treated carefully.
  • Thu, 15:59: White jumpsuit guy could be a petty criminal or a spouse beater or a vicious murderer. – Female inmates earn the prison more money than male
  • Thu, 16:41: These little guys need $155 more. Can anyone help? “Children with Autism Get Connected”
  • Thu, 22:06: 😀 @RayneHall RT #ff Fantasy Fiction writers @komclaughlin @Jb121Jonathan @deekrull @aprilgreynyc @douglaskolacki @JohnBlackport


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