My tweets

  • Mon, 17:10: Snowden should go to jail. Sorry, but he stole a bunch of info and went to a foreign country.
  • Mon, 17:11: It’s like when those guys stole all that Sony info. They went to jail. Tho if they hadn’t, anyone with a PS3 would have beat their asses.
  • Mon, 17:12: My expectation is that when you steal stuff, you should do it w/the knowledge that jail time is a consequence of your actions.
  • Mon, 17:14: Doing what’s you think is right isn’t always the easiest thing. You have to look at the possible consequences — prison, torture, death …
  • Mon, 17:15: … and decide for yourself whether the cost is something you’re willing to pay.
  • Mon, 17:36: “On the field I remember you were incredible” Hey shut up. Hey shut up. Yeah. “On the mats w/the boys you think you’re alone w/the pain” …
  • Mon, 17:38: … “that you drained from love. In a car w/a girl, promise me she’s not your world. Cos Andy you’re a star!”
  • Mon, 17:40: Sometimes I listen to music and I’m like “I love you. I love you. I love everyone!” And I feel my mood uplifted by the beauty of the moment
  • Mon, 17:45: But You
  • Mon, 18:00: Pick up Hawkeye v1 free today from Comixology #comics


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