But You

Your face in the moonlight lifts me up
you carry me past the moments when I stumbled
and fell down down.
You make me feel as though I could fly
in a momentary scowl of a flight
when the stairs were one step short.
Don’t you know what you do to me
when you bring me up
as you knock me down?

Darling, you’re the light of a thousand stars
in the eyes of this bottom feeder world
of Hallmark cards and Wonderfalls.
I would kiss your lips
bite you, bite you, chew you down,
if I thought I could get away with the crime.
You’re the heart at the end of my line
and I want to spend always and forever
worshipping at the feet of your excellence.
You lift me up as you bring me down
and I don’t want anyone else in my life
but you.


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