I have fallen in love with my hot-water bottle. It cost less than $5 and it’s wonderful.

Our house doesn’t have real heating. We were supposed to get a pellet stove this year, but due to circumstances we’ve had to put off the purchase for a while. Which means we’re still stuck with the wood stove, whose heat only reaches the living room. The rest of the house is like living in a walk-in freezer. (My dad has a heater in his office and his bedroom as well as an electric blanket and one of those heat pad things. I have two blankets.)

I bought a hot-water bottle from Walmart for less than $5, and OMG, it has completely changed my life. I fill it up with near-boiling water and wrap it in a towel. I put it down near my feet when I go to bed and it keeps my toes toasty warm all night, as well as keeping the rest of the bed warmer. It’s also great to fill it up and put it next to my legs before wrapping up in a blanket while I’m writing. My fingers are still chilly, but the rest of me is kept from freezing to death and I don’t have to give up writing.

It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop saving dollars for a pellet stove and a heater, but the hot-water bottle is great until that happens.

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