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  • Wed, 00:07: That’s when you know the bitch is psycho. When she cuts off her own thumb… “We’re outta here.” #Species
  • Wed, 00:09: She’s only been alive 3 months, but she’s already watched enough CSI and murderporn to hide a crime. That’s an advanced #Species
  • Wed, 00:15: That’s how awful a life w/out the Internet would be. U can’t float her picture as “Scary – Avoid!” Twitter will save us 😛 #Species
  • Wed, 00:18: The conversation between Dr. Baker and Preston Lennox made no sense. They’re angling for romance w/this movie & it’s weird. #Species
  • Wed, 00:20: This movie needs more of Forest Whitaker’s character. He’s weird. I’m interested #Species
  • Wed, 00:25: How 90s hot was Preston Lennox that he was the focus of two hot ladies? It’s getting pretty awkward. #Species #softcoreporn
  • Wed, 00:30: Next time I speak of this movie, it will be as that “time Alfred Molina did a softcore porn.” #Species
  • Wed, 00:32: We’re not even going to discuss the strangeness of Ben Kingsley’s American accent. And he’s such a bitch to everyone. #Species
  • Wed, 00:39: This is like half of a good movie. Michelle Williams was great and Natasha Henstridge was beautiful. Then it gets all wtfbbq? #Species
  • Wed, 05:12: Cultural Discussion of Lack of LGBT Romantic Portrayal and What Can You Do? #gay #lgbtq #phot via @LetaBlake

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