My tweets

  • Wed, 17:21: Sometimes I really hate that I sound so stupid when I talk.
  • Wed, 17:22: “You know, it’s really hard to talk to you sometimes” is a phrase I’ve heard several times before.
  • Wed, 17:24: I have this baby voice. It goes up and down. Sometimes it startles me to hear it and I’m like “Ugh, who’s that?” Me? Meh!
  • Wed, 17:33: Photoset: ancestryinprogress: boujhetto: Wine 101 How-to Choose How-to Pair w/Food Using The Right Glass…
  • Wed, 17:34: Have you ever stopped and questioned whether you have a good grasp of grammar or not? “Send it along and I can do it tomorrow.” :/
  • Wed, 17:36: That’s really bothering me. “Send it along, AND I can do it tomorrow.” “Send it along and I can do it tomorrow.” What am I doing tomorrow?
  • Wed, 17:45: Screw it. “Send it along. I should get it back to you tomorrow evening.”
  • Wed, 17:49: RT @FordForkum: For stories free of offensive or explicit content, check out Clean Indie Reads: #CR4U #clean #readi
  • Wed, 17:55: OMG Netflix. Why must your page be so graphic intensive? I’m super far from the router and my bandwidth is low 😦
  • Wed, 17:56: I just want to give you some money. Why must you make it so hard for me? 😦



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