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  • Fri, 23:17: Srsly, I don’t mind movies like Insidious. It’s just a scary movie. It bothers me tho, when they try to say that shit is real. Quit lying
  • Fri, 23:19: Did anyone else watch The Strangers? They were trying to claim those events were real. That ppl were horribly murdered like that. Psht. Lie
  • Fri, 23:23: Tom Tucker shouldn’t have quit his job. He should have taken a leave of absence. #hardlesson #FamilyGuy
  • Fri, 23:25: RT @scottEweinberg: What if Batman was played by Ben Affleck, but Bruce Wayne was played by Andy Dick?
  • Fri, 23:34: I wish Neil from White Collar would play Bruce Wayne to Henry Cavill’s Superman. Such hot #fanfic. I’d read it 😛
  • Fri, 23:41: It’s my secret, but I actually enjoyed Superman Returns for all the fanfic. Such wonderful fix-it fics and I’ve got a mad crush on KalRich
  • Fri, 23:44: I like domestic fluff and two dudes with jobs. I’m sorry, but that turns me on. Doing the dishes. Making the beds. Visiting the fam #fanfic
  • Fri, 23:45: Lois Lane doesn’t strike me as the domestic sort. I mean, I could see the hardworking single mom, but I can’t see the domesticity. #A2D
  • Fri, 23:47: In my head, Clark Kent is the kind of guy that would change his whole world for a kid. Remember when he married Supergirl? He was a DAD #A2D
  • Fri, 23:48: RT @siobhancrosslin: @HarperKingsley0 oooh. Yeah. But I’d still love to see Tyler Hoechlin


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