My tweets

  • Wed, 23:01: Watching this 5-Hour Energy commercial and it was like BLAM! Wow his shirt got bright. My brother: “That’s how you know it’s working”
  • Wed, 23:04: RT @cracked: The shocking truth about the world’s worst tabloid. A Sincere Apology From Cracked to the Daily Mail –
  • Wed, 23:06: Looks like Cracked spanked some ass. It’s awesome they were so good to apologize for the wrong doing. Time-shifting is wrong, mkay?
  • Wed, 23:11: Dude, if you make a share-worthy image, put your maker’s mark in the corner if you want credit. #A2D
  • Wed, 23:12: I’ve got so many saved pics I can’t use bc I don’t remember where I got them & ppl have dropped off the Internet. Meta data, dammit! #A2D
  • Wed, 23:17: RT @scottEweinberg: I can’t wait for someone to make a movie that you can walk into for free — but you have to pay $4 for Act II and $6 fo…
  • Wed, 23:49: You know what’s delicious? Horseradish mustard. 5 calories. #HKRec

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