My tweets

  • Thu, 21:04: He’s like “Ha ha!” Then it’s oh no. Creepy glowing eyes everywhere. Those drones are kind of awesome btw #Oblivion
  • Thu, 21:06: There’s lots of nearly naked showering in this movie. Tom Cruise does, in point of fact, look good when wet #Oblivion
  • Thu, 21:31: “Our job is not to remember, remember?” Uh… #Oblivion
  • Thu, 21:55: Olga Kurylenko is seriously beautiful. Even w/a minimum of makeup, she has a gorgeous face #Oblivion
  • Thu, 22:05: “Are we going to die? “No! … Maybe” #Oblivion
  • Thu, 22:49: Oh wow, #Oblivion was a great sci-fi movie. Beautiful cinematography. Those bubbleships are cool. Don’t let anyone spoil it for u. Watch it
  • Thu, 23:21: When you pay ppl on Ebay or whatever, do they see your Paypal address?
  • Fri, 00:03: I wrote some blog posts. I think I sound dumb, but I’m gonna send ’em anyway. I always sound a *little* dumb. Sides, I like what I wrote
  • Fri, 00:04: How long do germs stay on a cutting board?
  • Fri, 00:09: I ended up writing about Lord of the Rings, TMNT, Tetris, and Pandorum. What is wrong with me?



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