Teaser: Allies & Enemies

Rumor was the guy was alone, but she wasn’t going to trust her life to what a witness didn’t know. Just because she was much more resilient than a normal human didn’t mean she was invulnerable. Bullets still stung when they hit her bare skin, and she wasn’t sure she would survive a high-powered rifle round.

There were some young superheroes that believed nothing bad could ever happen to them. But she was fully aware of her own mortality. Of the terrible things that could be done to her by the criminals she fought.

Melissa figured there would come a point when she was too slow on the return swing, and she’d either be terribly wounded or dead. Either way, she would be out of a job.

It was called a Superhero Send-Off. It usually heralded the end of a career. Because when the baddies smelled blood, they moved in. Killing capes for fun and profit was an ever growing gig.


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