My dog likes broccoli.

My dog likes broccoli. So whenever I’m making some, I give him a few
florets. Not too much, because just like a kid he’ll start not wanting
it, but a few pieces. He also likes cooked potato, spinach, and
asparagus. He does not like zucchini.

Dogs need a balanced nutrition, and part of that is some vitamins. All
that stuff is supposed to be in their regular food, but nothing stops
you from supplementing their diet with vegetables and meat and rice.

As long as there’s not crazy amounts of spice involved or tomatoes,
slices of steak or chicken and vegetables is fine. It’s basically all
that good tasting stuff that’s bad for humans is bad for dogs too.

Dogs have given humans companionship and love. Humans have given dogs
high cholesterol and diabetes. Seems like an even trade off.


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